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Staying Grounded

Grounded: the feeling when everything is in balance and in place. You feel calm and sure. Many things can bump us off our rhythm, and it can be hard to get back in the groove […]

4 Reasons Wooden Watches are My Must-Have Spring Accessory

I have crazy spring fever, and I am so ready to switch to my spring wardrobe for good! I have already discovered my latest accessory that I cannot wait to show off: my new JORD […]

4 Ways to Celebrate the Coming of Spring in Nashville

Happy March! I am super excited because this month brings spring, and I love spring. With spring comes fresh blooms, sunshine, longer days, and my birthday! Plus, I am a teacher so we are nearing the end […]

Prep for Spring

Guys, I am so excited, because this week, March happens! I don’t know about you, but I have been embracing these warmer temperatures in Nashville. I am fully ready to say goodbye to February and […]

Published Poem

The anthology is here, and I am so thrilled! I had a poem published in Tennessee’s Best Emerging Poets. The poem in this book is one I actually wrote a few years ago, when I moved […]

5 Real Ways to Spread Love Every Day This Week

My ED by Ellen shoes This week we have Valentine’s Day, a day both observed and rejected by many. For me, Valentine’s Day has always been about feeling gratitude for the love in my life. […]

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Winter Funk

Around this time of year, I usually get into a funk. I am tired of the short days and the cold. I crave spring, and the longing for it gets stronger every day. If you […]

The Perfect Little Life Feature

Hey, y’all! I am so excited to have been featured on The Perfect Little Life, a fun Nashville-based lifestyle blog run by the lovely Abbey. Head on over to her blog to see the post […]


I am super excited to be partnering with Rocksbox, a subscription service that sends you a set of jewelry every month (or however often you want)! I was honestly a little skeptical of box subscription […]

20 Things to Do on a Snow Day

Last month, Nashville schools were hit with a week’s worth of snow days. If you live in the South, you know that snow days get real. Everyone rushes to the grocery the night before and […]