For the Joy Guest Post

For the Joy Guest Post

I’m so excited to have written a guest post on For the Joy! If you’re a teacher, mama, or full-time employee with a side hustle, you’ll love her blog. I wrote about balancing teaching with a creative pursuit. But honestly, it’s for anyone who works full-time and also pursues something on the side, or just who wants a better work/life balance.

Read all about it now on For the Joy. I’d love to know if you find it helpful in the comments!

Love, Bee

During the Holidays, Disconnect

During the Holidays, Disconnect

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and Christmas is not far behind. During the holidays, there’s a lot to take pictures of – pretty decor, food, loved ones. By all means, take the pictures, but that’s it. Then put the phone down; disconnect.

Our instinct at this time of year is to share, to be more interconnected, but then we cannot be fully present. Now – tonight – is the time to start disengaging and grounding ourselves, or the holidays will just go by.

On Thanksgiving as well as Christmas Day, I always try to have my phone away for most of the day. Especially when family is over, during lunch/dinner, and when opening gifts, I ensure my phone is in another room.

Honestly, there are few moments in the year when I feel fully disconnected. I like to treat holidays and celebrations as special and sacred, not to be tarnished with the distraction of technology, which can make them feel as ordinary as any other day.

By detaching from our phones, we engage with reality and with our loved ones – and that’s what this time of year is really about anyway.

Love, Bee

Nashville Local: Thread Co.

Nashville Local: Thread Co.

Yesterday, I popped by Thread Co. with a few friends for their Holiday Sip & Shop. Nestled on the second floor between The Dress Theory and Tempered Cafe & Chocolate in Germantown, it is a bright, cozy space filled with comfortable, high-quality basics. I fell in love as soon as I laid my eyes on their collection and felt how soft and well-made each piece is.

I felt instantly as though their clothing was made for me. I love versatile basics, and just by looking at them, I could tell their clothes would fit like a glove on anyone. I grabbed two items (a warm pink dress and peplum top) within the first minute of walking in and knew I would buy them. I tried them on simply for fun, and was right. They fit amazingly well and were incredibly comfortable to wear.

I felt we had stumbled into someplace truly special. We spoke with co-founders Katie and Gracie who were friendly, kind, humble, and grateful. These are obviously two very talented women. My girls and I were obsessed with everything in the store and each bought several items (it’s affordable, too!).

One of the coolest parts? They can design a custom tee for you! All you need to do is make an appointment.

If you’re a Nashville local, you simply must pop in here ASAP. If you’re not, just shop online! It’s the perfect place to shop for holiday gifts – or just to treat yourself (as we did)!

Love, Bee

Thread Co. | 1201 5th Ave. N Unit 202, Nashville, TN 37208 |


5 Ways to Declutter Before the Holidays

5 Ways to Declutter Before the Holidays

The holidays are upon us: Thanksgiving is little more than a week away, and Christmas will come flying soon after. This weekend is the perfect time to declutter, clean, and rejuvenate your home before it gets re-cluttered with decor and gifts galore.

Here are my tips for refreshing your space before the holidays:

Store away your summer clothes.

If you haven’t done this already, it’s time. Pack up your summer wear or rearrange your closet so that winter clothing is front and center. As you move your summer pieces, make a pile of items you didn’t wear this past season to give away. I always donate summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer, based on whether I wore them the previous season or not. If I didn’t, I say goodbye.

Clear out the fridge.

You’re going to have double the food in your fridge over the holidays, so it’s time for a deep clean. Take each item out, toss everything old, and wipe it down. It’s an easily procrastinated task, but if you buckle down and do it, you’ll feel so satisfied when it’s done.

Switch out summer items.

Scan your home. If you still have summer magazine issues lying around, lightweight blankets, and floral candles, put them up in favor of cozier decor and cedar scents.

…But don’t junk up the closet.

It can be easy to put everything in a closet, and feel like you’ve decluttered. In fact, you’re just cluttering up a closet. Be disciplined and donate anything you haven’t really used in the past year. Things like candles, vases, and purposeless gifts are often stored and forgotten. Don’t just put things away – get them out of your home completely if they aren’t being used.

Take it in small bites.

It can be overwhelming to tackle everything in a weekend. If reading this stresses you out, then you probably just need to take it in stages. Give yourself five minutes per day – that’s it – and accomplish one task. For instance: Clear out one drawer. Pick just five items to give away. Designate a clear spot for Christmas cards.

Just focusing on one task per day for five minutes will give you instant satisfaction and get you into a routine of slowly decluttering day by day.


When do you like to refresh your home? Do you have any tips for doing so? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Love, Bee


The Nashville of the 90’s

The Nashville of the 90’s

Parmer Park, 1995. Obviously I’m the one writing.

I was born in ’91 and grew up in Nashville. I want to highlight the Nashville of my childhood, the old gems that I went to regularly and made me who I am. There’s a lot of new in Nashville, but I will never forget these places. I’m naming locally owned and operated businesses that still exist today, so you can go and enjoy each and every one of these (and I still do, often!).

Here’s some classic places – the Nashville of our 90’s y’all:

Where We Eat

The Picnic Cafe – Founded in 1983, the Picnic remains my go-to place for delicious, easy lunch and take-out dinner options. This spot, located on Harding Pike, has classic comfort food. I adore their herbed tomato soup, chicken salad, and pimento cheese. I often grab their pre-made chicken artichoke casserole for dinner.

Caffe Nonna – Located on Murphy Rd., Caffe Nonna has been my family’s favorite Italian restaurant in town for years. Intimate and cozy, the restaurant’s authentic dishes are made from scratch and recipes come from the chef’s grandmother, Nonna. I especially love their Riviera Salad and Tuscan White Bean Soup.

Tin Angel – With consistently excellent food and service, Tin Angel on West End is still my family’s go-to spot for birthday dinners and celebrations. They offer weekly prix fixe dinners, but otherwise, you must order the Fall Bounty Pasta or Summer Bounty Pasta (changes depending on the season). It is one of my favorite dinners anywhere – so fresh and comforting.

The Corner Market – The Corner Market used to have a store in Belle Meade that was perfection. Every day after school, I went there and got an ICEE and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (still the best cookie I’ve ever had). Although that store doesn’t exist anymore, they do have a storefront on Hillwood Blvd. and they provide catering. All of their Thanksgiving offerings are delicious – Hurry and order now if you want some!

Pizza Perfect – I cannot explain how much time I spent eating this pizza when I was little. A LOT. And it is still so good! To me, Pizza Perfect is the ultimate classic Nashville pizza. You can’t go wrong here.

Star Bagel – Another Murphy Rd. staple that opened in ’95. Your go-to bagel place. They also cater!


Where We Go

Pangaea – I have spent so much time over the years browsing Pangaea, a women’s boutique that opened in ’87. I still love their jewelry (I have so many pairs of earrings from this place), bohemian clothing, and quirky gifts. Located in Hillsboro Village, I often pop by after a movie at the Belcourt or lunch at Fido.

The Produce Place – The Produce Place on Murphy Rd. is another place where my mom took me often. As Nashville’s oldest natural food grocery, there’s no other place like it. Since 1988, they’ve carried fresh produce, gourmet cheese, and organic products. I still love their unique selection and often go here to find products I can’t find anywhere else!

Davis-Kidd – This is the one place on my list that doesn’t exist anymore, but I couldn’t not mention it. If you’re from Nashville, you know that Davis-Kidd was the best bookstore. I still remember eating grilled cheeses in their restaurant regularly and celebrating the Harry Potter book releases at midnight. However, I want to mention Parnassus, our newer local bookstore, which is so charming and well-curated. I love supporting local booksellers and was excited when Parnassus opened for us once Davis-Kidd closed.

Cheekwood – My family has been going to Cheekwood for years. I’ve walked around their estate and gardens more times than I can remember. I always love their outdoor summer exhibits and holiday lights. They have tons of fun events throughout the year, and it’s a gorgeous place to visit during any season.


Where We Play

Parmer Park – I grew up spending days at Parmer Park in Belle Meade. It was close to my school and holds so many special memories.

Red Caboose Park – Another childhood classic in Bellevue. It was the cool place to go as a kid because it had a red caboose from a train.

I love Old Nashville and always will. If you’re newer to Nashville, have you been to these places? They’re all so dear to my heart! Go and enjoy a taste of my childhood (and current adult life since I still go to all of these places).

Love, Bee

Fall Wedding Look

Fall Wedding Look

I went to a wedding in St. Louis this past weekend and was in love with my whole outfit! The dress and shoes were both incredibly comfortable and cute – I got tons of compliments. I had never attended a fall wedding before (crazy, right?) and realized I had nothing to wear! I ordered both the dress and shoes somewhat last minute, but they shipped fast and arrived right on time.

If you’re in need of a dressier outfit this fall – whether it’s for a wedding, cocktail party, or holiday gathering – I highly recommend this combo. Get them here:

The simple and fuss-free dress ($60): 

ASOS PETITE Scuba Crop Top with Embellished Trim Mini Dress

The shoes I wore all night and danced in for hours, and my feet never hurt ($49.90):

Silver Slingback Court Shoes

Hope this inspires you!

Love, Bee