Dealing with Post-Christmas Letdown

Dealing with Post-Christmas Letdown

You know the feeling. Christmas is much-anticipated and -prepared for. Quite a bit of work is done and numerous festivities are had leading up to the big day. Then, Christmas Day often feels still and precious. It is a peaceful and fleeting day. And finally, waking up on December 26th, you might be a little hungover from food, drink, and fun, and a little disillusioned as the magic feels over.

I am a person that loves celebrating holidays, and particularly, the Christmas season. I try to do everything, to fit everything in – to watch every film, go to every light show. December is packed full of joy. And then, it’s done. And I feel melancholy watching trees come down before New Year’s. I personally prefer to keep the spirit alive, at least through the new year.

And so, I’m sharing a few ways that I’ve learned to deal with this post-Christmas letdown:


Don’t go cold turkey

Truly, the letdown is worse when you go from 100 to 0. Let yourself continue to listen to Christmas music and maybe even watch another movie or two after December 25. Leave the tree up through New Year’s Eve. Allow yourself to continue enjoying the season. The past few years, my family has chosen to go to Cheekwood Holiday Lights after Christmas, simply to keep the spirit alive.

Stay positive

The long winter months can feel gloomy and depressing. This often starts to set in after Christmas. Keep yourself positive by staying busy or focusing on something fun in the future. I always become absorbed in completing jigsaw puzzles right after the holiday, and it makes me feel relaxed and satisfied. I also love planning a trip soon after Christmas so that I have something exciting to look forward to. Consider, too, doing something as simple as taking the time to think of or write down things for which you are grateful.

Set goals

New Year’s resolutions are easy to skip or not take seriously, but they can be wonderful ways to start off the new year right. Set attainable, reasonable goals that offer you the opportunity to work on a meaningful project or cross something significant off your list. By keeping busy and planning goals, we can start off this cold season with an optimistic mindset.


I hope this helps! How do you best deal with post-Christmas letdown?

Love, Bee

3 Easy Ways to Share a Slow Moment

3 Easy Ways to Share a Slow Moment

Omni Hotel, Nashville

Christmas is almost here, and amidst all the hustle and bustle, I would encourage you to slow down and soak in time spent with loved ones. I am highlighting 3 easy ways to share a slow moment (as we are just 3 days away from Christmas Day!):

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1. Find a cozy space, preferably one with a fireplace, to spend an afternoon or an evening with friends or family. Drink hot cider and reflect on the past year. Try to focus on what’s important at this point in the year – sharing time together – and consider it an opportunity to stop, listen, and focus. {My recommendation: The Omni Hotel, pictured above}


2. Brave the cold and go out for a festive cocktail with good company and conversation. It can be easy to hibernate during winter months, but leaving the house for a while will refresh you and keep you engaged with the world during this blur of a time. {My recommendation: Rosemary & Beauty Queen, pictured above}

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3. Bake with friends or family. This can feel like work, but the act of creating is meaningful and satisfying. Plus, cookies make great gifts! {My recommendation: gingerbread cookies}

I hope you are able to slow down a little and enjoy this time!

Love, Bee

Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

Pictured above: The Christmas cookies my mom and I have been making from scratch since I was little. The recipe was my great-grandmother’s and has been passed down through the generations.

One of the most special things to me about the holidays are the traditions. Baking the same family recipes, watching the same movies, going to see the same show, placing the same ornaments on the tree year after year.

In a world that can feel chaotic and unpredictable, the consistency of the holidays is welcome and calming. I know that each December, the first movie my family will watch is Meet Me in St. Louis. I know that my mom and I will bake sugar cookies followed by gingerbread while listening to our old Celtic Christmas cassette tapes (yes, we still have those). I know that on Christmas Eve, we will go to church, indulge in a festive dinner, and conclude with a viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life.

I love these staple activities at the end of each year. Having them brings comfort and joy. I never tire in doing the same things, but rather, relish their significance that is rooted in family, love, and tradition.

What traditions do you partake in? Which is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments!

Love, Bee

Cozy Christmas Looks

Cozy Christmas Looks

I love a cozy dress. I found this dress at ASOS and fell in love immediately! To me, it is the ideal Christmas Day outfit: comfortable, cute, and red. You can get it here. It’s low in stock, so act fast!

Here are a few other cozy looks I found that are perfect for this time of year (and specifically, for Christmas Day!). Just click on the photo to shop:

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Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 4.16.21 PM  Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 4.20.41 PM

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Love, Bee

Best Local Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Best Local Gifts for Everyone on Your List

If you’ve been procrastinating Christmas shopping (as I do every year…) look no further. Last week, I shared 10 Spots to Shop Local this Holiday Season. Today, I’ve gathered some of the best go-to Nashville gifts that you can easily order online. Voila: Your shopping made simple while still benefiting local businesses! Make sure to order ASAP so these arrive by Christmas!


For the Southerner:

1. Nashville Unisex T-Shirt from the Simple South

2. Southern Charm is the Sweetest Tea Unisex T-Shirt from the Simple South

3. Southern Living: A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen from Batch


For the Jewelry Lover:

1. Trust Dahlia Crystal Bullet Necklace from Castilleja

2. Herkimer Diamond Nugget Earrings from Judith Bright

3. Modern Hoop from Portmanteau


For the Beauty Lover:

1. Hand Care Duo from Thistle Farms

2. Spa Day Gift Batch from Batch

3. Activated Charcoal Detox Scrub from Little Seed Farm


For the Hostess:

1. Welcome Home Nashville Gift Batch from Batch

2. Sunday Morning Pancake Mix


For the Dapper Man:

1. Handmade Bow Tie from Otis James

2. Dogwood Dots Bandana in Fern from Otis James

3. Stratton Wallet in Buck Brown from Lockeland Leatherworks


For the Rugged Man:

1. Watch Cap Beanie from Oil and Lumber

2. Patagonia – M’s Reversible Bivy Down Vest from Cumberland Transit


Hope this helps! Happy (online) shopping!

Love, Bee


5 Ways to Find Your Holiday Spirit

5 Ways to Find Your Holiday Spirit

I love the holiday season, but as an adult with a full-time job and responsibilities, I feel unable to naturally unleash my Christmas cheer like I did as a child. I have to try harder to be aware of and fully experience this time of year.

In order words, I have to be intentional about feeling festive, which is unlike Christmastime during childhood. This is probably due to the stress and busyness that can come at this time of year. And so, I think now is one of the best times to practice being present in activities that can bring joy.

Children are experts at being in the moment and exuding merriment. Here are 5 suggestions I have to seize and embrace the holiday spirit with the gusto of a child:

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Decorate like Buddy the Elf

It is impossible not to feel a touch of glee when you come home and plug in strands of string lights. If you’re feeling particularly grinchy this year, don’t be afraid to go over the top. I live in a studio apartment and have 7 strands of lights lining the walls, 3 mini Christmas trees, plus lights and a tree on my balcony. When I come home from work, I don’t need any lights on except my Christmas lights. The vibes are warm and cozy. Next step: paper snowflakes.

Watch Your Favorite Holiday Flick

If you haven’t watched any holiday movies yet, it’s time. Turn one on, and turn your phone off. Dedicate your night to the viewing and focus on the film. Suggestions: Elf, Christmas Vacation, Holiday Inn, Meet Me in St. Louis, White Christmas, Love Actually, Christmas in Connecticut, Charlie Brown Christmas. I would say It’s a Wonderful Life, but I save that one for Christmas Eve. Preferably watch your choice with a cup of hot cocoa or cider in hand.

Indulge in a Christmas Activity

If you’re in Nashville, go to Cheekwood Holiday Lights where you can stay warm with a festive cocktail and stroll through their gorgeous display. Or perhaps their Holiday Afternoon Tea suits you, in which you can sip wintertime teas and munch on tasty treats provided by Crumb de la Crumb Bakery.

Go to a Festive Show

My three top picks are the It’s a Wonderful Life viewings at the BelcourtHome Alone in concert at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and Nashville’s Nutcracker at TPAC’s Jackson Hall. Get your tickets for these shows now because they are all likely to sell out! Each one is sure to get you in the Christmas mood.

Take a Drive

When I was little, my dad used to drive me around to look at Christmas lights. These days, I forget to do this – I never just “go for a drive,” but am always driving from point A to point B. Go out one night with the simple goal of viewing holiday decorations. It’s an experience that’s sure to stir up some childhood memories and Christmas nostalgia.


How’s your holiday spirit? Hopefully these tips get you feeling a little more like post-Clarence George Bailey. And if you didn’t catch that reference, go watch It’s a Wonderful Life right now.

Love, Bee