4 Spots to Get Cozy When It’s Cold

4 Spots to Get Cozy When It’s Cold

High Garden

It’s happening – the time change is this weekend. Our clocks will go back an hour, and although we do get that extra hour of sleep, the days will be shorter. I always feel a little gloomy when this switch happens. I long for the lengthy, warm days of summer and can feel cooped up when it gets dark as soon as I get home from work.

But there can be joy at this time of year, too. We might look forward to the holidays. Perhaps we savor the feeling of a soft scarf around our necks or boots snug around our legs. We can turn on the fireplace and wrap ourselves in blankets.

I’m going to try not entering a dreary state when DST ends this Sunday morning. I’m going to seize it as an opportunity to curl up and consume all the warm drinks that I can. To further help us cope, I’ve compiled 4 of the best spots to get cozy when the days are darker and colder. I hope these help bring some cheer to the rest of your fall!

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Breakfast/lunch: Frothy Monkey

Relaxed and welcoming, Frothy Monkey – open from breakfast through dinner – can feel like home on a fall day. Stop by solo or with a friend for their truly excellent coffee. My go-to meal is the Julie, a simple yet outstanding bagel sandwich with farm eggs, feta, basil, and tomato.

Afternoon tea: High Garden

Walking into High Garden feels like stepping into a fairy tale. This woodland tea house has a wide selection of local teas and herbs. It is the perfect place to spend a fall afternoon sampling and sipping their collection. Try the Milky Oolong, Rose Garden Grey, or Classic Moroccan Green. Or, head to the back of the shop for their comforting house brewed kombucha, called Folklore Ferments. Either way, you’ll feel refreshed and at ease. (Note: They also carry High Garden tea at Frothy!)

Dinner: Lockeland Table

One of the best spots to be on a chilly evening, Lockeland Table provides a cozy refuge for a happy hour or dinner. Warm up with their wood-fired pizza, and the Olive & Sinclair chocolate chip skillet is an absoluteΒ must.

Drinks: Old Glory

Old Glory is one of my favorite bars in Nashville. Find it in Edgehill Village, nestled in an alleyway behind Taco Mamacita. The bar has a speakeasy vibe. Dim with comfy seating and well-crafted cocktails, this is your ideal bar on a cold night.

Hope this helps ease the transition into the latter half of fall! Please share your own favorite cozy places with me in the comments!

Love, Bee

3 Tasty Indulgences in Nashville

3 Tasty Indulgences in Nashville

Milk & Honey

It’s no secret that Nashville has upped its restaurant and bar game. As a Nashville native, it’s both overwhelming and exciting to watch all the new popping up. Whether you live here or you’re visiting, here are 3 new places and 3 indulgent menu items that have recently delighted my taste buds:

1. Breakfast/Lunch: Milk & Honey

Get the ricotta and honey on toast + a lavender honey latte (pictured above). Don’t question it.

2. Cocktails: Rosemary & Beauty Queen

This place is easy to miss: It’s a small, unmarked yellow house. While it’s still warm out, don’t miss the cocktail, “Whipped cream if you’re lucky” (pictured below). I was lucky. Always sit on the backyard patio.

3. Dinner/Dessert:Β answer.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, just get a glass of rose (the Raimat) and a dessert. Preferably the chocolate mousse with roasted marshmallow and graham cracker on top.

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Rosemary & Beauty Queen

What are your favorite indulgent eats/beverages in Nashville? Let me know what I need to try next in the comments!

Love, Bee