About Bee

About The Honey Print

Blythe Cate

I am a teacher, creative writer, thinker, dreamer, reader, and tea drinker living in Nashville, TN, where I was born and raised.

I have had a passion for writing for as long as I can remember, having written my first “novel” at 8 years old and my first poem at 12.

I graduated from college with an English: Creative Writing degree and worked on the editorial team of At Home in Arkansas magazine for a year post-graduation.

I moved back to Nashville thereafter and started writing creatively – just for myself – once again.

I also became a reading intervention teacher at an elementary school, which has added so much richness and meaning to my life. My kids come from tough places, but they amaze and inspire me every day. Their passion for reading and writing makes me feel hopeful.

I believe that for them – and for everyone, really – writing can be one of the best escapes and therapies, even when it’s hard.

I believe life lived with simplicity and gratitude creates more meaning.

I believe in sharing with others and in feeling tied to a community, and that is why I share my words with you in The Honey Print, and would love to hear yours in return. Let’s share our experiences and inspire each other to live with joy and grateful hearts.

The Honey Print:  Honey, because my nickname is Bee, and I love the warmth and sweetness of honey. Print, because I have a passion for print – print books, print writing.

Love, Bee