published poem

published poem

The anthology is here, and I am so thrilled! I had a poem published in Tennessee’s Best Emerging Poets. The poem in this book is one I actually wrote a few years ago, when I moved back to Nashville, my hometown, after being away for college.

I have been writing poetry since I was very young and was an English and Creative Writing major in college. My thesis was a collection of poems. Throughout my whole life,  I find that I always return to poetry at certain periods. Sometimes I am not reading or writing poetry at all, and then something happens, some event, that inspires me to write again.

Now, I feel so grateful to see my work in print. If you have any interest in poetry, if you are a southerner yourself, or if you simply want to read something that might inspire you or make you think, I would encourage you to get a copy of this lovely little collection. Topics range from life and memories to love and heartbreak to nature and the outdoors. There is something for everyone, and I truly feel you might find something meaningful to relate to in this book.

You can find it here. Read and write on, my friends.

Love, Bee

5 real ways to spread love every day this week

5 real ways to spread love every day this week

My ED by Ellen shoes

This week we have Valentine’s Day, a day both observed and rejected by many. For me, Valentine’s Day has always been about feeling gratitude for the love in my life. Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. Love for friends, family, pets; love for the ocean, the grass, the sunshine; love for moments in time. I spin this so-called “Hallmark holiday” (although it is actually based on history, and it has a pretty dark origin) into a celebration of all love.

And so, instead of just placing emphasis on cards and chocolates, here are 5 ways to really spread love every day this week:


Monday: Think good thoughts about others.

Wish everyone well who crosses your path. Just in your head, think something like, “I hope something really awesome happens to you today.” It will make you feel more positive and spread good vibes to those around you. What you give is what you get. It was Roald Dahl who said, “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Tuesday: Write a note.

Write a letter to someone who needs to feel loved. Maybe it is a thank you note (even just a “thank you for being you”) or something you love about them. It might even be a sticky note that you place on a co-worker’s desk with something funny that will make them smile.

Wednesday: Call your parents.

On Valentine’s Day itself, call your parents (and your grandparents if they are around) and tell them you love them and appreciate them.

Thursday: Give flowers to a friend.

I have a friend who gardens, and she often surprises me with a little cup of flowers that she grew. It always brightens my day. Flowers and plants are wonderful mood lifters.

Friday: Do something kind for a stranger.

Buy their coffee. Pick up something they dropped. Smile at them. We know that the tiniest things brighten the days of others, but often we are too absorbed in our own thoughts (or our phones) to pay attention to strangers around us. Notice them.


This week, I encourage you to go about your week by intentionally spreading love through thinking, writing, calling, giving, and doing. Show others that you care. Be aware.

Happy week of love, y’all!



5 ways to get out of your winter funk

5 ways to get out of your winter funk

Around this time of year, I usually get into a funk. I am tired of the short days and the cold. I crave spring, and the longing for it gets stronger every day. If you feel like you are going a little crazy indoors, I am sharing some tips for coping with your winter blues!

1. Move.

You have to get moving. It can be so easy to go straight from work to the couch and Netflix. I know I easily fall into this pattern. However, as soon as you get home from work, change into active gear. Do not check social media yet. Get moving right away to ensure you make it happen! Perhaps you go for a brisk walk or head to the gym. Maybe you do a home workout, like a yoga video on YouTube or something quick like the 7-minute workout. Do something.

2. Considering investing in a sun lamp.

Sun lamps, or light therapy boxes, mimic natural daylight. They create a simulation of sunlight that lifts your energy and your mood. I use one in the morning at work for about 30 minutes, and it always gives me a little boost.

3. Choose Emergen-C over more coffee.

When I am dragging this time of year, my instinct is to drink more caffeine. However, instead of that second or third cup, I find it better and more beneficial to opt for something like Emergen-C, which gives you a boost of vitamins and immunity support.

4. Avoid sugar.

I know this is hard to do, but I find that avoiding sugary treats and snacks, and eating a piece of fruit or some veggies + hummus instead, replenishes me and gives me more energy. Particularly at this time of year, having more sweets just makes me lethargic.

5. Wash your hands + sanitize your phone.

Everyone is sick at this time of year. Wash your hands often, but do not wash your hands and then get on your phone or computer while you eat lunch. Think about all the germs that are stuck on those electronics. I avoid touching my phone while I am eating, and right after work, I give my phone a disinfecting wipe-down. I do this every single day. Not getting sick = feeling better and avoiding the winter funk.

How do you deal with the winter blues? Hope my tips help!

Love, Bee


10 facts to know about me

10 facts to know about me

Hey guys! I launched The Honey Print on October 12, 2017, and I have had such a fun beginning to this blogging journey over the past few months. I have connected with inspiring, kind people and bloggers. I have felt supported by a new online community. I have created the opportunity to exercise one of my greatest loves–writing–in addition to having a full-time job. Blogging has been my key creative outlet, but more than that, too–it has become an intentional way to self-reflect, share, and connect.

As this pursuit grows, and I continue to meet others, I wanted to share a little more about who I am. Here are 10 facts to help you get to know me better as you follow my content.


1. I have a B.A. in English: Creative Writing. My thesis was a collection of poems.

I have been writing creatively since I was little, having written my first “novel” when I was 8 and my first real poem at 11. I remember getting to read aloud the poem at a “Cafe Night” hosted by my middle school. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be a writer, and I would continue to write my whole life.

2. I used to work for a magazine.

In addition to creative writing, I also enjoy creating content. My first job was at a magazine where I did marketing, social media, graphic design, and writing. I am grateful for that experience, and many of the skills I learned during that job I am able to use when working on my blog.

3. I have a Master of Education.

I left my job at the magazine to move back home to Nashville. I tried for a time to find a writing job. But then I became interested in teaching and started subbing in schools, and fell in love with it instantly. I also worked in the theatre of my old school, helping with musicals, as I pursued my teaching license and master’s.

4. I work full-time as a reading intervention teacher.

My full-time job is at a charter school where I teach small groups on students in K-4 who are behind in reading, and I help them to reach their grade level target. It is challenging, meaningful, hard work – but really fun, too. I love to read and love inspiring my kids to read as much as I do.

5. I was born and raised in Nashville, TN.

Nashville has changed so much from when I was growing up. Nashville did not used to be cool, and my friends and I all dreamed of moving to a big city. It is still crazy to me that Nashville is now a highly desirable place to live with tons of people moving here every day. Sometimes I don’t love it (the traffic, for instance), but overall, the growth is exciting. My whole family lives here, and I am so glad that it is now a place I want to stay, too! I am proud to call Nashville home.

6. I love theatre.

Another great passion in my life is theatre. I acted from middle school through college and in the past have interned for Nashville Repertory Theatre and Nashville Shakespeare Festival. I love watching productions just as much and have seen dozens of shows on Broadway and at TPAC here in town. I miss theatre all the time and hope to get involved again at some point in my life!

7. I am introverted.

Being introverted means something different to everyone. For me, it looks like this: I am social, but I need down time at home. I gain energy from having quiet time. Most nights, I would rather curl up on the couch with a good book and drink peppermint tea than go out. Or, I would usually rather host a few close friends at home for a gathering than go to a bar. I love conversing with people who I am close with, but making small talk with strangers is a big effort for me.

8. I love being outside.

On a warm, sunny day, I want to spend every second of it outside: hiking in the park, biking, having a picnic, walking around the neighborhood. Nothing lifts the spirits more than 70 degree weather, am I right? Walking in one of the numerous parks in Nashville is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. I particularly love Percy Warner Park and the Richland Creek Greenway.

9. I am a child at heart.

I get super excited about little things. I find joy in the every day. I make an effort to be aware and intentional through each moment of my day – Of course, the reality is that this does not always happen, but I think it is important to try!

10. I believe everyone should live their lives according to what fulfills them.

If you want to travel, then do it. If you prefer to be home, then stay home. I do not believe that living the most exciting or loud life suits everyone, and I do not think you should feel pressure to live as others do. It is perfectly wonderful to live quietly and simply. Do what fulfills you.


What resonates with you? What questions do you still have? Let me know it all in the comments!

Love, B


5 ways to make life a little sweeter this january

5 ways to make life a little sweeter this january

Most years, I do not enjoy wintertime. I am usually partial to warm weather, sunshine, and beaches. However, this year I have been enjoying winter way more than usual! Maybe it is just getting older, but I have been relishing the cold and the coziness. If you are someone who counts down the days until spring, I would encourage you to try embracing this chilly month and making the most if it. Here are 5 ways I am making life a little sweeter this January:

1. Listen to feel good music while you work.

One of the ways I put a little pep in my step is to listen to upbeat music while I write lesson plans (I’m a teacher), especially when it looks extra dreary outside. Whenever I am on my planning period, I typically pop in my headphones and give myself a burst of energy with happy tunes while I work. This makes me feel motivated and alert.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.

I am just a happier person when I wear comfortable shoes. When I am in my ED by Ellen DeGeneres sneakers (best shoes in the world y’all) I am 20x more likely to have an awesome day. I can bounce around, light on my feet, and feel free and flexible.

3. Start an at-home yoga practice.

Yoga with Adriene keeps me moving through my days with intentionality and awareness. Each January she guides viewers through a free 30-day yoga practice. It’s not too late to begin TRUE, her latest yoga journey! It is for all levels and free on YouTube. Give it a go!

4. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

It can be so easy to coast through January on indulgences. But you will feel so much better adding in an extra serving of fruit and veggies in your day, especially if you are less active than you would be in the warmer months.

5. Go for a brisk walk.

Sometimes, there is nothing more refreshing than crisp winter air in your body. Even if it is cold out, getting outside for even 10 minutes each day will enliven your spirits! Just this morning I took a short, bitter stroll in the snow in Centennial Park, but it was totally worth it just to leave the house for a bit.

How are you feeling this winter?! Tell me how your January is going in the comments!

Love, Bee

Pre-Order Tennessee’s Best Emerging Poets

Pre-Order Tennessee’s Best Emerging Poets

I am super excited to announce that I will have a poem published in Z Publishing House’s Tennessee’s Best Emerging Poets. I have been writing poetry since I was in middle school and even majored in English/Creative Writing with a poetry emphasis in college. Writing poetry is not my career, but it’s always been how I express myself and deal with most emotions, stresses, and situations in life. I love reading poetry just as much and think the power of a poem can make you feel a million different things at once, or simply sit with a new feeling or perspective.

You can pre-order the book here. I would be so thrilled if you did! Even if you think poetry isn’t your thing, I’m convinced that you just haven’t found the right poet or the right poem yet. Consider giving this book a try, and at the very least, celebrate this little accomplishment with me.

Love, Bee