Welcome to the Honey Print

Hello, new friends!

I’m Blythe, and welcome to my brand new blog, The Honey Print. If you haven’t yet, you can read a little about me here. If you have, here’s a little more:

I am a 26 year-old teacher and writer who loves to get cozy with a cup of tea, spend a whole day reading, diffuse lavender and peppermint (diffusers can be life-changing), and practice home yoga (hello, Adriene!).

I try to dress in both comfort and style every day.

I love to write poetry and majored in creative writing in college (see my favorite poet here).

I love getting lost in a book just as much (currently reading this and this).

As much as I am introverted, I also love to have new adventures and to travel. A few years ago, I spent a summer studying theatre (another passion of mine) in Arezzo, Italy, and totally fell in love with Italian culture.

I was born and raised in Nashville, TN, and have lived here my whole life, except for college and a year of working for a magazine in Arkansas thereafter. The city has changed so much from when I was growing up.

I am currently a reading teacher in an elementary school, but I still write daily, whether it is poetry, journaling, or blogging. Writing is so important to me, and it’s why I’m starting this new blog, The Honey Print.

I’ll be covering navigating life as a young, single, female professional: what inspires, what simplifies, what moves, what improves.

That’s a little about me – I would love to hear about you in the comments. Tell me: How are you navigating the professional world as a female? How do you stay healthy, happy, and balanced? What drives you?

I can’t wait to come together in the future of The Honey Print.


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