3 Tasty Indulgences in Nashville

Milk & Honey

It’s no secret that Nashville has upped its restaurant and bar game. As a Nashville native, it’s both overwhelming and exciting to watch all the new popping up. Whether you live here or you’re visiting, here are 3 new places and 3 indulgent menu items that have recently delighted my taste buds:

1. Breakfast/Lunch: Milk & Honey

Get the ricotta and honey on toast + a lavender honey latte (pictured above). Don’t question it.

2. Cocktails: Rosemary & Beauty Queen

This place is easy to miss: It’s a small, unmarked yellow house. While it’s still warm out, don’t miss the cocktail, “Whipped cream if you’re lucky” (pictured below). I was lucky. Always sit on the backyard patio.

3. Dinner/Dessert: answer.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, just get a glass of rose (the Raimat) and a dessert. Preferably the chocolate mousse with roasted marshmallow and graham cracker on top.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Rosemary & Beauty Queen

What are your favorite indulgent eats/beverages in Nashville? Let me know what I need to try next in the comments!

Love, Bee

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