5 Ways to Hang with Friends on Week Nights

As a full-time teacher, I am exhausted by the end of the school day. Often, I just want to curl up in my pajamas right away and enter a TV coma until I fall asleep.

But usually, I feel better if I do something first. I walk every day after school if the weather is nice, and if it’s not, I do a Yoga with Adriene video. This helps. However, I live alone, and some weeks I go every night without doing anything social.

If you, too, are introverted and/or tend to struggle with doing much or seeing people after a long work day, I’ve compiled a list of some easy, relaxing ways to see your friends on week nights. Even if you’re a little sleepy, spending time with loved ones is good for your health! (Tip: Go straight from work so you can’t bail!)

Monday: A Movie at the Belcourt

The Belcourt is a perfect, chill place to spend a Monday evening. They often show some great, shorter films at an after-work hour. The best part? You can get some actually tasty wine or beer! I don’t have a problem with wine and popcorn for dinner from time-to-time, but you could also grab a quick and easy bite at Fido.

Tuesday: A Walk at Centennial Park

As I mentioned, I love walking after work. Centennial Park is the perfect place to meet a friend because it’s in a central location and generally fairly easy to meet there (depending on where you work). They have a short loop you can do as many times as you have time for, and you’ll be sure to catch the sun as it sets over the duck-filled pond.

Wednesday: Invite Them For a Night In

Invite a friend over! If the weather is nice, sit on your balcony/patio/porch if you have one. Or curl up and watch one of your favorite shows together. Maybe you cook dinner together, or order take-out. Whatever you do, you get to be in your pajamas and be social at the same time.

Thursday: Yoga at a Community Center

Check out your local community center for yoga classes, and try one for just $3 per class at most centers! I recommend the Candlelight Restorative Yoga class at Centennial Sportsplex at 6:15 or the Power Vinyasa class at Sevier Park Community Center at 6:30.

Friday: Happy Hour

Happy hour is a classic Friday choice. You get to wind down, treat yourself to a cocktail, split an appetizer, and share all of your funny stories or your drama from the week. A few of my favorite places to do happy hour are Burger Up (12th South or East Nashville), Rosemary & Beauty Queen (East Nashville – love the backyard patio), Neighbors (Sylvan Park), and the Sutler (8th Ave. S).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

What are some of your favorite things to do on week nights? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Bee


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