4 simple ways to liven up your home with green

I am a plant lover. I absolutely love rooms that are filled with fresh green life. That is why I currently have nine real (and one artificial) plants in my small one-bedroom apartment and even more decorating my balcony. Take the plants out, and the room looks empty and lifeless to me. Green brings energy, motivation, and verve.

Today, I am sharing a few easy ways to liven up your home year-round with long-lasting plants. Do not stress if you think you lack a green thumb; my suggestions are easy. I believe in you!

1. Switch out fresh finds

I found this dried lavender and eucalyptus from Whole Foods. The lavender smelled amazing when I first bought it, and although the scent has faded, I love the look in my apartment (and no stress keeping it alive, it is dry). I also recently got some eucalyptus. I am not sure yet how long it will last, but it is so pretty and fresh.

2. Windowsill succulents

I have heard from so many friends that they cannot keep succulents alive. Here is the key to doing so: keep them permanently on windowsills, and ignore them. Above, I have multiple succulents, a cactus, and an aloe vera plant. All of these are between 1-3 years old, and are still alive and kicking. They have moved with me multiple times and survived. Guys, I rarely water them. I maybe give them a little water once a month. And they have probably gone longer. Plus, they like the sunshine that my windows provide. That is all you need to do!

3. Get a peace lily

Peace lilies are beautiful and so easy to care for! They are resilient and forgiving. You cannot forget to water a peace lily because they droop so obviously, you instantly know it is thirsty. However, do not overwater these plants. I usually wait for mine to droop a little before I water. Plus, peace lilies like shade so they are perfect to keep indoors! Mine is mainly in the shade but near a window so it gets a little light.

4. Go artificial

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

There is no shame in getting artificial plants! I have found some authentic ones – like the one above – at Michael’s. If you really struggle with keeping plants alive, this is a great option.

Hope this helps! Tell me how you are keeping your home fresh and green in the comments!

Love, Bee

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