5 ways to get out of your winter funk

Around this time of year, I usually get into a funk. I am tired of the short days and the cold. I crave spring, and the longing for it gets stronger every day. If you feel like you are going a little crazy indoors, I am sharing some tips for coping with your winter blues!

1. Move.

You have to get moving. It can be so easy to go straight from work to the couch and Netflix. I know I easily fall into this pattern. However, as soon as you get home from work, change into active gear. Do not check social media yet. Get moving right away to ensure you make it happen! Perhaps you go for a brisk walk or head to the gym. Maybe you do a home workout, like a yoga video on YouTube or something quick like the 7-minute workout. Do something.

2. Considering investing in a sun lamp.

Sun lamps, or light therapy boxes, mimic natural daylight. They create a simulation of sunlight that lifts your energy and your mood. I use one in the morning at work for about 30 minutes, and it always gives me a little boost.

3. Choose Emergen-C over more coffee.

When I am dragging this time of year, my instinct is to drink more caffeine. However, instead of that second or third cup, I find it better and more beneficial to opt for something like Emergen-C, which gives you a boost of vitamins and immunity support.

4. Avoid sugar.

I know this is hard to do, but I find that avoiding sugary treats and snacks, and eating a piece of fruit or some veggies + hummus instead, replenishes me and gives me more energy. Particularly at this time of year, having more sweets just makes me lethargic.

5. Wash your hands + sanitize your phone.

Everyone is sick at this time of year. Wash your hands often, but do not wash your hands and then get on your phone or computer while you eat lunch. Think about all the germs that are stuck on those electronics. I avoid touching my phone while I am eating, and right after work, I give my phone a disinfecting wipe-down. I do this every single day. Not getting sick = feeling better and avoiding the winter funk.

How do you deal with the winter blues? Hope my tips help!

Love, Bee


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