Holiday Traditions

Pictured above: The Christmas cookies my mom and I have been making from scratch since I was little. The recipe was my great-grandmother’s and has been passed down through the generations.

One of the most special things to me about the holidays are the traditions. Baking the same family recipes, watching the same movies, going to see the same show, placing the same ornaments on the tree year after year.

In a world that can feel chaotic and unpredictable, the consistency of the holidays is welcome and calming. I know that each December, the first movie my family will watch is Meet Me in St. Louis. I know that my mom and I will bake sugar cookies followed by gingerbread while listening to our old Celtic Christmas cassette tapes (yes, we still have those). I know that on Christmas Eve, we will go to church, indulge in a festive dinner, and conclude with a viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life.

I love these staple activities at the end of each year. Having them brings comfort and joy. I never tire in doing the same things, but rather, relish their significance that is rooted in family, love, and tradition.

What traditions do you partake in? Which is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments!

Love, Bee

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