3 Easy Ways to Share a Slow Moment

Omni Hotel, Nashville

Christmas is almost here, and amidst all the hustle and bustle, I would encourage you to slow down and soak in time spent with loved ones. I am highlighting 3 easy ways to share a slow moment (as we are just 3 days away from Christmas Day!):

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1. Find a cozy space, preferably one with a fireplace, to spend an afternoon or an evening with friends or family. Drink hot cider and reflect on the past year. Try to focus on what’s important at this point in the year – sharing time together – and consider it an opportunity to stop, listen, and focus. {My recommendation: The Omni Hotel, pictured above}


2. Brave the cold and go out for a festive cocktail with good company and conversation. It can be easy to hibernate during winter months, but leaving the house for a while will refresh you and keep you engaged with the world during this blur of a time. {My recommendation: Rosemary & Beauty Queen, pictured above}

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3. Bake with friends or family. This can feel like work, but the act of creating is meaningful and satisfying. Plus, cookies make great gifts! {My recommendation: gingerbread cookies}

I hope you are able to slow down a little and enjoy this time!

Love, Bee

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