Dealing with Post-Christmas Letdown

You know the feeling. Christmas is much-anticipated and -prepared for. Quite a bit of work is done and numerous festivities are had leading up to the big day. Then, Christmas Day often feels still and precious. It is a peaceful and fleeting day. And finally, waking up on December 26th, you might be a little hungover from food, drink, and fun, and a little disillusioned as the magic feels over.

I am a person that loves celebrating holidays, and particularly, the Christmas season. I try to do everything, to fit everything in – to watch every film, go to every light show. December is packed full of joy. And then, it’s done. And I feel melancholy watching trees come down before New Year’s. I personally prefer to keep the spirit alive, at least through the new year.

And so, I’m sharing a few ways that I’ve learned to deal with this post-Christmas letdown:


Don’t go cold turkey

Truly, the letdown is worse when you go from 100 to 0. Let yourself continue to listen to Christmas music and maybe even watch another movie or two after December 25. Leave the tree up through New Year’s Eve. Allow yourself to continue enjoying the season. The past few years, my family has chosen to go to Cheekwood Holiday Lights after Christmas, simply to keep the spirit alive.

Stay positive

The long winter months can feel gloomy and depressing. This often starts to set in after Christmas. Keep yourself positive by staying busy or focusing on something fun in the future. I always become absorbed in completing jigsaw puzzles right after the holiday, and it makes me feel relaxed and satisfied. I also love planning a trip soon after Christmas so that I have something exciting to look forward to. Consider, too, doing something as simple as taking the time to think of or write down things for which you are grateful.

Set goals

New Year’s resolutions are easy to skip or not take seriously, but they can be wonderful ways to start off the new year right. Set attainable, reasonable goals that offer you the opportunity to work on a meaningful project or cross something significant off your list. By keeping busy and planning goals, we can start off this cold season with an optimistic mindset.


I hope this helps! How do you best deal with post-Christmas letdown?

Love, Bee

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