20 things to do on a snow day

Last month, Nashville schools were hit with a week’s worth of snow days. If you live in the South, you know that snow days get real. Everyone rushes to the grocery the night before and takes all the bread and milk. With the slightest layer, schools cancel. Get a genuine snow, and no one goes to work.

I know I can struggle on snow days with figuring out what to do with myself. If you find yourself in the midst of another snow day (or series of snow days) where you are this winter, here’s a list of 20 ways to spend your time! I have divided this list into three categories – productive, active, & chill – so you can pick based on your mood.


1. Clean the whole house.

2. Do all the laundry.

4. Clear out/organize emails/computer files/phone data.

5. Start a donation pile.

6. Get ahead on work things.

7. Clean out/organize your pantry/fridge.


8. Bake something sweet.

9. Play board games/card games.

10. Have an indoor dance party.

11. Do an indoor workout (try Pop Sugar Fitness).

12. Bundle up & take a snowy walk.

13. Walk to an open business to get out for a bit.

14. If driving is possible, invite friends over for a snow day party.


15. Read an entire book, cup of tea in hand.

16. Netflix/movies in cozy socks.

17. Start a puzzle.

18. Write something (journal, poem, blog post).

19. Seize this free day & take a nap.

20. Meditate (maybe while watching the snow).


Hope this helps! How do you prefer to spend your snow days?

Love, Bee

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