I am super excited to be partnering with Rocksbox, a subscription service that sends you a set of jewelry every month (or however often you want)!

I was honestly a little skeptical of box subscription services, but I decided to try Rocksbox and am loving it so far. I am going to tell you how it works and how you can get your first month free on me!

Here’s how it works: Fill out a profile and a wish list, and a stylist sends three pieces of jewelry straight to your home. Wear them for as long as you like, apply your monthly membership credit of $21 to purchasing a piece you want to keep, and send back what you do not want to buy (with the prepaid label and reusable envelope provided –  it’s so easy!). Then, Rocksbox sends you three new pieces. You can exchange sets as you please, with a recommendation of one new set per month (since you pay a monthly fee).

Here’s why I like this serviceRocksbox essentially provides an opportunity to try designer jewelry before you buy it. Plus, you can mix up what you are wearing when you would like. I know I am usually not very creative with my jewelry selection, but I am loving the chance to try new pieces from designers like Kate Spade and Kendra Scott (and they are all SO pretty).

If you want to give Rocksbox a go, use my code thehoneyprintxoxo to get one month free! So worth it, am I right?

Let me know when you sign up and how you are loving your new jewelry!

Love, Bee

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