4 ways to celebrate the coming of spring in nashville

Happy March! I am super excited because this month brings spring, and I love spring. With spring comes fresh blooms, sunshine, longer days, and my birthday! Plus, I am a teacher so we are nearing the end of the school year, in which the kids have come so far, and we can celebrate their accomplishments. All runs pretty smoothly this time of year, and the general mood of the world feels joyful.

I am sharing 4 ways to celebrate the coming of spring this month in Nashville. These are things that I do every year, and I want to share them with you! If you live here or if you’re planning a spring trip, I recommend these activities and events:

Cheekwood in Bloom

The most beautiful time to visit Cheekwood, in my opinion, is spring. I love viewing their over 150,000 blooms and soaking in all the bright colors and scents. Plus, they host themed weekends like the Spring Art Hop on March 31, a perfect outing for families. And every Saturday during Cheekwood in Bloom, which runs from March 17 – April 15 this year, the Beer Garden hosts food trucks, live music, seasonal beers, and craft cocktails.

Bunnies at Phillips Toy Mart

Every year, a few weeks before Easter and through the holiday, Phillips Toy Mart brings in a group of floppy-eared bunnies to hop around an adorable (and elaborately designed) pen in the store. When I was young – and for generations before me – rabbits were brought into the old department store McClure’s every spring, and it was such a treat! I love that Phillips has continued this longstanding Nashville tradition, and I continue to go see the bunnies even as an adult.

Afternoon Tea at the Cafe at Thistle Farms

Afternoon tea is served daily at the Cafe at Thistle Farms daily from 1 – 3 pm by reservation, and I think it makes the perfect spring outing. Spend an afternoon sipping seasonal hot or iced tea and munching on savories and sweets. Plus, Thistle Farms empowers and employs women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

Nashville Predators Games

Y’all know I love the Preds, and really any time of the year is fun to go to Predators hockey games, but now is especially important as we are nearing the playoffs! There are amazing games throughout the month, so check them out and go!

Have a lovely March, everyone!

Love, Bee

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