Staying Grounded

Grounded: the feeling when everything is in balance and in place. You feel calm and sure. Many things can bump us off our rhythm, and it can be hard to get back in the groove when you just feel off. Some days, my headspace feels totally hyperactive and impulsive, bouncing from one thought to the next without completing the previous thought or task. Then I forgot all about it for a while until it bounces back, and inevitably disappears again. This happens when life feels busy or overwhelming. So often, we are focused on the “hustle,” but I prefer to sink into that steady place in which I feel grounded.

And so, when you feel the world is a little off-kilter, and you need to return to the true you, here are some ways that I remind myself of who I am and why I am here. Hopefully, these might inspire you to find your balance when you are feeling a little floopy (Friends, anyone?):

Put your phone in another room

Sometimes, those funky feelings arise when we are spending too much time on our devices. If you find yourself in one of those patterns where you keep compulsively checking your phone for one reason or another, just put it away. Place it in a drawer, or in a separate room.

Track your phone use

Better yet, download an app like Moment that tracks how long you are spending on your device. I use it, and after being horrified at the amount of time I was looking at my phone, I accepted the truth and have been able to significantly lessen time on my phone, by as much as an hour or more each day.

Read, write, or color

Reading makes you a better person. It just does. It feels good, it makes you smart, it makes you empathetic. Writing can be therapeutic if you need to process an experience. In fact, I journal every night before bed. Drawing in an adult coloring book, too, is incredibly mesmerizing and soothing. (Note: put your phone away while you do any of this.)

Connect with another human

I am introverted, so generally my go-to for restoring my balance is a solo activity like reading or coloring, but if you are extroverted, you might consider spending time (phones away) with a loved one. Grab a coffee, talk it out. Find comfort in a close one.

Get a breath of fresh air

Going for a walk always makes me feel better. Maybe it’s solo or with a friend. Or perhaps for you, it’s a run. Even eat your lunch outside if you are able to. Whatever it is, soak in that fresh air.

How do you stay grounded?

Love, Bee

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