4 things I’m not shopping for (and the 1 that I am) in 2018

After reading Ann Patchett’s “My Year of No Shopping” in the New York Times, I started thinking about the reality of not shopping for an entire year. Would I want to do that? Could I? It sounded liberating to me – a year without more stuff. And yet, what would I do if I needed something? Worse, how would I handle it if I wanted something? Still, this idea – this saving of both time and money – really appealed to me.

And so, I concluded that I would give it a go, on my own terms. First, I would eliminate the “want” this year by not browsing. I figured, if I was not whimsically shopping – if I did not visit any retail sites or stores – I would not see anything to buy and thus would not want to buy anything. That, I think, is the key to this goal. Removing exposure. Not shopping. Then, I decided I would allow myself to buy something, only if I really needed it.


Here are the 4 things I’m not shopping for in 2018:


…unless I need something for my trip to Europe (more on that below). I’m not going to type in asos.com on my computer this year on a whim. I will only buy something if it will make my trip easier and more pleasant (like comfy shoes).


…until I finish the ones I have already bought. Too often, I shop for books when I still have recently purchased ones that I need to read!

Beauty items

…until every half-empty item in my bathroom has been used. I know you feel me. There are all kinds of partially-used lotions and washes hiding under my sink. I put them there because I did not “like” them. But you know what – those things are fine. And I’m using them.

Home goods

There’s no “until” or “unless” here. I can be bad about buying an excess of candles and mugs and cute things for my home. I love home goods. But I know that I do not and should not need anything new this year. I just moved into a new apartment last spring and bought all sorts of things for it. It is going to be hard, but I know I should be just fine not buying anything new for my home in 2018.


Here is the 1 thing I am spending money on in 2018:

Travel & Experiences

I have a significant trip to Europe planned for this summer (!!!) and that is my priority. I will spend all sorts of time browsing accommodation, restaurants, and activities for this trip. By saving money on clothes, books, beauty and home items, I know I’m going to save – in part to increase my savings – and so that I can make my dream Europe trip a reality!


So far I have succeeded with this list, and I am determined to keep it up the whole year! How you are prioritizing your time and money in 2018?!

Love, Bee

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